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Learn how to master the essential classic cocktails, faster and easier.

Make classic cocktails like a veteran mixologist. A deep dive into the methods behind creating and mastering classic cocktails at home.

✔️ Workshop available on-demand

✔️ Lifetime access to all materials

✔️ Plus bonus cocktail recipe book

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How You'll Make Better Classic Cocktails in Less Than 90 Minutes!

✔️ Learn the secrets to mastering the 7 essential classic cocktails with pro tips and tricks.

✔️ Discover common pitfalls that could be holding you back when making cocktails.

✔️ Understand cocktail templates to ensure perfect balance, flavour, and presentation.

✔️ Become a cocktail pro by crafting beautiful and delicious classic cocktails.

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Make Classic Cocktails Like a World-Class Bartender

Ever wondered why your mixed drinks don't stack up compared to those you order at your favorite cocktail bar?

The secret lies in knowing your ingredients and using the right techniques. Unlock the secrets to achieving perfect balance and flavour and, combined with perfect presentation, you'll reach classic cocktail mastery!

Impress Your Friends with Perfectly Crafted Cocktails

Want to become the life of the party and be the cocktail connoisseur among your friends?

Discover the best recipes, tips, and techniques to create drinks that inspire and excite your friends. In addition to mastering the essential classic cocktails you'll learn the must-know variations to expand your cocktail repertoire.

Make Great Cocktails Without Every Bottle

Love making cocktails but don't want buy 20+ bottles for your home bar?

By learning to master the essential classic cocktails you won't need to buy random bottles for your home bar that will start collecting dust. Make great cocktails with minimal ingredients.

BONUS: Cocktail Recipe Book

A comprehensive digital recipe book featuring cocktails from the workshop. The book includes 25+ cocktail recipes (classic and variations), full page photos, recommend bottles and ingredients, tips and tricks.

✔️ Workshop available on-demand

✔️ Lifetime access to all materials

✔️ Plus bonus cocktail recipe book

Everything You'll Receive:

✔️ Access to the workshop on demand

✔️ Recording of the Q&A live session

✔️ Lifetime access to the content

✔️ Invite to the exclusive cocktail community

✔️ BONUS: Cocktail recipe book

Who is this for:

✔️ Beginner cocktail enthusiasts who want to learn classic cocktails

✔️ People who want to make better cocktails

✔️ Home bartenders who are willing to learn

Who is this NOT for:

❌ People who already make great cocktails

❌ Highly experienced home or professional bartenders


Everything you need to master classic cocktails!

Get access to the Master Classic Cocktails workshop.

✔️ Workshop available on-demand

✔️ Lifetime access to all materials

✔️ Plus bonus cocktail recipe book

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